Friday, February 26, 2010

Ducks in a Row

We went with some friends to a park for the day, after being cooped up inside for a while due to the cold. It started out a nice warm day, but a cold front blew in again, and although the kids could care less, I was starting to lose my voice, so me and the other mom ended up sitting in her van watching the kids run around and play. They had a great time, got good and worn out, some fresh air, and when it was time to head home, we were driving by a pond and saw this:

We turned around, pulled over, and watched this little mama try to get her chicks up a curb, and then she gave up on that, and tried to get them to cross the street, which made me nervous, and then she gave up on that, and got them up the driveway to the yard, and they were just so stinking cute! She waddled so much that if they got too close to her, her tail feathers knocked them over! Regan and I really just wanted to go snatch one up and cuddle it, they are so soft and fuzzy looking! But it was so cute to see them, and the kids enjoyed this rare peek into nature.

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Mackenzie said...

Aww that's precious!!!