Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ham Sandwiches

About once a month, Alex goes with our church to the Church Under the Bridge, which is a homeless ministry in Austin. He usually makes a ton of breakfast tacos and we've helped him with that before and the kids love it. This time we made sandwiches. Alex brought over all the stuff late on Saturday night and we stayed up until about 1am on our little assembly lines. David unwrapped all the cheese, Riley and Tristan laid out plastic baggies and bread, Regan did the mustard, Alex did the meat, and I stuffed the sandwiches in the bags, zipped them up and loaded them in the ice chests. We had 6 ice chests stuffed with sandwiches, total about 250 or so. I like the kids getting the message that life is not always all about them, and it's good to help out those less fortunate. Hopefully they will have a better appreciation of what we do have, and not take things for granted.

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