Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Geography Club

We joined a Geography Club so we could meet friends and learn about other parts of the world and sample their food and the kids could get some experience in front of people doing a short presentation about each month's country. This month, in honor of the Olympics, the chosen country was Greece, which worked out perfectly for us because we are studying Greek mythology and reading The Odyssey. So we met our group for the first time today.

The presentations were great, one little boy (6 years old) did a chart of the Greek Alphabet, another told the story of Pandora's box, there were posters with pictures from Greece, and several people made Greek flags, and 2 little girls even sang the Greek National Anthem!

Regan had a sudden bout of stage fright, so she didn't want to play the Minotaur like we planned. Riley was Theseus, who slays the Minotaur. He did a great job of telling the story and he even brought a giant sword to slay her with, but she just stood there and tried to hide behind her mask.

And everyone brought some awesome food, there was Greek meatballs, tabouli, tzadziki, spanikopita, olives and feta with pita chips, dates and walnuts, orzo, lentil soup, and some yummy almond cookies. We eat Greek food often, so it wasn't too much of a shock to us, but I'm a little worried about some of the upcoming months!

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