Saturday, March 6, 2010

Houston Zoo

When we got to my cousin's house on Friday night, the kids were so excited to see their cousins! It was like they have known each other their whole lives. They got along great, they're the same age, and they just had the best time together. Regan and Joy made brownies for everyone, while Riley and Jeremiah rocked out on Rock Band. See what I mean? Four peas in a pod!

Houston Zoo

And then Saturday, we took it easy, my cousin has been working nights, so we slept in, had a lazy morning, and then headed to the Houston Zoo, along with half the city of Houston it seemed, that place was packed! But the kids had a good time running around, and I hadn't been there in forever, so it was a fun day. The weather was great, and my Aunt Janis came too, so it was good to spend time with family.

Then we headed back to the house for chicken, and my kids have always wanted KFC, and mean mom that I am, have never gotten it for them, but my aunt brought over some KFC, so my kids were in heaven! It was really good, that's why I never buy it!

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