Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeding the Ducks

When Alex brought all the food over to make sandwiches to feed the homeless a few weeks back, I saved all the bread ends to feed the ducks. Well, we had been so busy that we forgot about it, so the bread was nice and crusty when we did make it to the pond. I went back to where we saw the mama and baby ducks, there is a small fishing pond nearby, and I thought that might be where they lived and sure enough, we saw the mama and a TON of babies there, and got to feed them and pet them. They were very friendly and ate the bread right out of our hands. Regan reached out and picked one up, he was very vocal about that, and then Riley wasn't going to be happy until he managed to grab one too. They were so cute and fluffy looking though! It was really hard not to bring one home with us!

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