Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sew Fabulous!

Well, there aren't a lot of posts for Spring Break like I normally have because the kids went to Camp Doublecreek for the week and I had a week off! I did miss them, but it was SO nice to have some time to myself for a change! I had a pedicure, went to a movie, and NOT a kids movie!! And David took 2 days off to spend time with me and we went to breakfast and just enjoyed each others company. It was a nice break, but now, back to reality!

Regan's girl scout troop went to Sew Fabulous, an even to teach the girls how to sew. I should have taken the class myself! They taught them how to tie a knot, thread a needle, a running stitch, whip stitch and how to sew on buttons. I just sat there scratching my head. Of all the sewing ability in my family and I can barely get Regan's patches on her vest without maiming myself. But hey, she can do it now after this class!

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