Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hockey Day

One of our home school groups had a really awesome field trip that we got to go on. First, we got to go out in the morning and tour the new Cedar Park Center, home of the Texas Stars Hockey Team, and tour the facility. We were the first group to ever get to watch the Stars during practice. The kids loved it as we sat up in the party boxes and watched the practice, and listened to someone go over the "science" of hockey. Basically, the ins and outs, and some of the rules, and how they set up and tear down the rink for other events, it was very neat.

Then since we were over by our old house, that used to be my mom's, we drove over there, saw the old place, (it looks pretty much the same) and drove over by Grandma and Grandpa's old house that was right down the road from ours, but now was confusing because there is a giant toll road separating our houses now! We also went to Block House Creek Park, where I spent MANY an hour pushing kids on swings! Regan didn't remember the park, but Riley did, and we went hiking up the creek a ways. The weather has been gorgeous, but we were dressed for the ice rink, so we were melting out there!

Then later that evening we went back with our group for a real live hockey game! Regan wasn't too impressed, but Riley and his friend Jett loved it. Riley got an autograph from one of the hockey players, and then as we were leaving the arena, the cheerleaders were by the door, (I didn't even know they HAD cheerleaders for hockey!) so Regan wanted to meet them and get their autographs, and Riley of course had to get in on that too.

It was a fun day, and one of those rare ones where the planets align and the kids actually got along! In one picture, right before I snapped, Riley actually, on his own, put his arm around Regan. I wanted to scream, "You DO love her!" It was fun, and I'm hoping Spring is bringing out the best of all of us.

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