Friday, March 26, 2010

Wonder How Round Rock Got Its Name?

We've taken people here and shown them where Round Rock really did get its name from, and people generally don't believe that it was indeed named after a large, round rock! But it really was, and today, the kids made their mark on the round rock. After going to an early movie to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid, we met some friends and a home school group at this park which we haven't been to in a while, but is usually good for watching the ducks. But today that wasn't good enough for the kids! They wanted to get IN the water and swim around and climb on the round rock. Well what's it gonna hurt, right? They jumped in, Riley came prepared with his bathing suit, but Regan didn't, so she ended up getting completely and totally soaked before we left. They had a great time, Riley found some tadpoles and they both caught some minnows, they fed the ducks, climbed the rocks, slipped around on the mud and basically enjoyed being kids! Regan came home naked, wrapped in my girl scout cookie tablecloth that I keep in the back of the truck during cookie season, and Riley had to go to gymnastics smelling like pond water. I'm sure Coach Gene loves me today.

So now you know, and have photographic proof of the actual Round Rock that our town was named after!

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