Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Northwest Park

Northwest Park

We had our bowling group this morning and after that we decided to try out a new park with some friends. We grabbed lunch and headed there, the weather is SO beautiful these days and even I hate to be trapped inside on a day like today! We had a picnic lunch and the kids played on the playground some, but the real appeal was the pond and the turtles that lived on an island in the center of the pond. And a hobo camp in the bushes! The things these kids will find!

Riley's friend AJ rolled his pants up and tried to wade in, but before you know it, he was in about waist deep, so Riley decided to strip down to his boxers and undershirt and they wanted to see if they could get to the island to grab a turtle. They eventually made it to the island, but with so much screaming over the cold water and the muddy bottom, there wasn't a turtle in sight when they got there! (Smart turtles!) They were so messy and dirty and disgusting, which is a sure sign that it was a fun day!

Next thing you know, we hear they found a clearing in the bushes where there were blankets and clothes, and they thought that was so cool that people must live there and get to play in the pond all the time! Anyway, it was fun, and I'm just so glad we have the opportunity to be outside on days like this, enjoying nature, and not stuck behind a desk.

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