Monday, April 12, 2010

Barton Springs

The kids had their last science class today and instead of the usual place, the Nature Center, today it was held at the Splash! exhibit at Barton Springs, home of the Barton Creek Salamander! The kids loved it, they were told to wear something they could get wet, and that's all they need to hear to ensure a good time! They went down to the creek, took water samples, checked the water temperature, caught some bugs, went back to the lab and tested the water for bacteria and looked at their bugs under a microscope.

They had a lot of fun, and when I picked them up, we got a snow cone, then headed back to the over flow part of Barton Springs, and the kids had fun playing in the run off. There was a pretty good flow of water, so they would go up to the waterfall and sit down and let the current slide them down the creek. They saw some turtles but a man was nice enough to bring one over, Riley held it, and as soon as Regan held it, it peed right on her!

All of this was accompanied by a man on the Didgeridoo. Gotta love Austin! Keeping it weird today for sure! Then we headed to the play scape to run around and hopefully dry off before getting back in the car. They came home dirty, tired, and happy, exactly how a kid should be!

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