Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter at Celebration

Church was awesome today! We usually attend the early service, and work the 2nd service. David had his hands full in the parking lot, and I had my hands full with the kids in the back. They had a tent set up for all the kids, it was standing room only! We had over 360 kids, and we usually have about 150. Then the fun began! A helicopter candy drop. The church has one every year for Easter, but this was the first time I got the privilege of working one. It was controlled chaos! I love the picture I got of the helicopter dropping candy, the kids starting to run, and Pastor Shawn telling them to wait, or trying to tell them to wait, he was about to be mauled! It was a lot of fun, and I know there were a lot of decisions made for Jesus today which was ultimately what it's all about! I just *love* being a part of Kids Celebration!

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