Monday, April 19, 2010

Skate Park, Again

This has become our regular Monday haunt I think. We call it "PE" and say it's school related! The kids have so much fun though. Regan and her friend Emma have found a huge tree in a clearing that they have dubbed their "fort" and they even cleaned up the trash around it for "Earth Week" so that was nice! They play pretend games and run around and just love the fort. Regan has asked me if they could sleep there even. Not a chance, but I'm glad she likes it.

Riley brings his skateboard and sometimes his rollerblades or scooter, and this time he brought his unicycle. He was getting better, but then hasn't touched it in a while, so I was glad to see him getting out there and trying again. He got pretty good while we were there, going the length of the basketball court and back. I, of course, took video!

Also of him sliding down the slide on his skateboard, which was pretty funny.

And then we got home, and we've had this ongoing battle with Regan about her training wheels. She absolutely does NOT want them off her bike, and said she could most definitely ride around her college campus with a bike with training wheels, no problem. I keep trying to get her to TRY to ride and she refused. Then, a glimmer of hope when she said she would TRY it IF me or dad would hold on and never, ever, ever let go. So we have been trying. One of these days maybe she will let us let go, but for now we hold on tight while she pedals, and looks around like someone else is driving. She has never really had very good driving skills, so maybe keeping the training wheels on a bit longer might be a good idea.

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