Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sun Crest Farm

I've been checking into this farm for a while now, they have home school classes and Regan has been wanting horseback riding lessons FOREVER!! This was a Girl Scout event, and the girls had a blast!

First they learned about what the horses eat, and how often. They saw several different types of hay and oats. They got to tour a horse trailer, a really nice horse trailer with living quarters in the front! (That is where Regan has decided to move to). They scooped poop out of a stall (for some reason that was a big hit).

Then they had the girls brush the horses, and pick the dirt out of the hooves, then saddle them up, showed them how to get it all on right with the blankets, the saddle, the bridles and all that. Then they walked them to the arena and got them up, and let them ride around the arena. Finally, after they got comfortable, they got to trot. That was Regan's favorite part, she was a trotting machine! She loved it, and she still hasn't managed to wipe the smile off her face!

We were there for 4 long hours, and Regan enjoyed every single second of it, and can't wait to sign up for home school lessons!

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