Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lake Pflugerville

Tristan had some unexpected time off from school this week, so he came and spent a day with us, and we headed to Lake Pflugerville, which is less than 5 miles from our house and we've never been!

After our adventures in Barton Springs on Monday, I told them to grab their bathing suits just in case they wandered into the water, and sure enough they did. It wasn't nearly as warm as Barton Springs water was, and that's saying something! But they played around a bit, and then decided we needed to go run around at a park to warm up, so we headed to Pfluger Park, which is the park that Kenzie used to play on when she was a baby. Brings back a lot of memories when I go there.

So they had a good time, got wet and dirty, and we got home and cleaned up just in time for church!

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