Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big Ideas

Regan's Girl Scout Troop had a sleepover at the Austin Children's Museum, for an event called Big Ideas. It was a lot of fun, the girls got to have a lot of free time in the museum and play with the exhibits. We ate pizza for dinner, then the girls had a scavenger hunt through the museum to learn about different women inventors and pioneers. Then they tried their hand at making alternative carriers for 6 packs other than the plastic rings that can hurt animals in the wild. Then we took #6 recyclable plastic and made Shrinky-Dink jewelry out it (our favorite event)! They also made animal shape tangrams, and a secret code wheel. Then it was bedtime, we got to sleep in and around the exhibits, which the girls thought was cool. We slept in the Mexican family exhibit! Then the next morning they had free play again until after breakfast when it was time to pack up and head home. It was lots of fun even if mom didn't get a whole lot of sleep!

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