Saturday, April 24, 2010

North Texas State Meet

What a weekend! Regan and I got home from the girl scout sleepover at the museum, she headed out to play, and I headed to bed! I took a little nap, then we loaded up for Garland, Texas and the North State Meet. Riley had to get an 82 score in order to move up to level 6, so that was his goal.

The kids rested on the way, we honored an Aldridge family tradition and stopped at the Czech Stop in West, Texas for kolaches, and made it to Garland in time for the 6:30pm warm up. Then it was hurry up and sit.

Finally the session started close to 8, and awards weren't over until almost 10. It was a very late night! The boys were exhausted. Riley did really well on the rings, and on the floor, and had a couple mistakes on the other routines, and so his overall score was almost 78. He's kind of bummed he didn't make the 82 cut off, and not sure he wants to continue in competitive gymnastics. He's tired of spending 9 hours a week or more in practice, having sore ankles and knees, and me always yelling at him to be careful climbing a tree or whatever because he has a meet coming up!

Then after the meet, we headed home, but first a stop for dinner, and so we didn't make it home till almost 3am, with some very tired, very dirty kids, and a very exhausted mom and dad. Needless to say, our Sunday afternoon consisted of a really good nap!

But we're proud of him, he gave it his all, and did a great job! Whether or not he continues in gymnastics, we still couldn't be more proud!

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