Sunday, October 31, 2010

Church in Rucar

Church in Rucar

On Sunday we went to Vio and Estera's church in Rucar. It was about an hour away, and very traditional. The women sit on one side, the men on the other, we were told to wear dark colors and keep our head covered. It was definitely a different experience for me, who has grown up in very loud, non-traditional churches! The singing was beautiful (I'm including a video of it) and there was an English missionary there so we actually got to understand part of the service. Afterward we saw some of our new friends from the orphanage, Ionutz, Mehi and Magdalena, and then we were invited to lunch at the pastors house, Peter and Dafi. They lived only a mile or so away, so while Vio and our driver Eidi were giving rides to other people in the church, we walked. It was a beautiful day and we took picture of every house, gate, person and cow along the way!

The houses there are so beautiful, full of history and the details of the architecture are amazing! The wooden banisters that were hand carved, the additions to the house that may be in a complete different style, but somehow worked, the rooms in the back for the animals, it was all very interesting and unique and picturesque. I took a TON of pictures, and tried to just select the best ones, but it was so hard, everything there is just so incredibly beautiful.

We finally made it to Peter and Dafi's, and they laid out a feast fit for kings! I don't know what all we had, but it was all incredible. The first course was several things, one was an apple and carrot salad that was so good, the apples there taste nothing like the apples here, they were just so sweet and juicy. There were meatballs, eggplant salad, some type of pimento cheese salad thing, and of course fresh bread. Then the second course was homemade sarmale and mamaliga, the creamiest, gooiest mamaliga! It was like cornbread stuffed with butter and feta cheese. And then she made, hand-made, home-made chocolate eclairs. And these other things that I don't even know what they were but they were like chocolate layered bars that were just yummy.

They were so nice and took such great care of us. Their home was beautiful and built by Peter himself. They had 3 teenage boys that were delightful and they watched us log on to Facebook (yes, they had internet access!) and really got a kick out of seeing all of our pictures from home on FB.

Then we drove back home and had a leisurely Sunday afternoon. Until it came time to kill the chicken (dunh dunh DUNH!!!)...

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