Friday, October 22, 2010

Springwoods Park

It was Celebration Home School Small Group day today so we went to Springwoods Park, one of our favorites! They have a ton of trees, which were dangerous today, any time there was a strong wind, one of us got knocked in the head by a falling acorn. But the kids love that park because there is so much to do there. And my Aunt Judy came with her baby grandson Joshua so we let Regan practice some babysitting skills! She got to swing Joshua and push him around in the stroller, and she even got to walk Alice May (the dog).

We have a great little group going, and one of the mom's went to Romania last year, so I asked a bunch of questions, she brought a care package for me to bring to some people there, and I got a lot more info and a lot more excited about leaving in less than TWO days!!

I'm trying not to panic, trying to make sure David has everything covered. Set up bills to be paid while I'm gone, renew library books online (I don't think David knows where the library is!) make sure he has a daily schedule, list of phone numbers and all that. At the very worst, they will just have a 2 week vacation from school, and we end up catching up over Christmas break, so I'm not too worried about it I guess. Trying not to any way!

And I still need $250 for the trip!! Again, I'm trying hard not to panic, God hasn't brought me this far to leave me hanging on a measly $250!! I know it's His plan for me to go, so I'm trusting He will work it all out.

And to top it all off, I checked the weather where we're going and it said 13 degrees, but "feels like" -8. Yes, negative eight. Yikes. I've never, ever experienced that kind of cold in my life! Should be a new and exciting experience!!

I'm hoping to blog some when I'm there, but not sure. I added international to my phone, but I'm worried about data charges, so I might just take Riley's phone so I can text. Incoming texts are free, so feel free to text me! But it's 35 cents for me to send a text, so don't expect a reply!!

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