Monday, October 11, 2010

Team Meeting

We had a Romania team meeting, and I'm getting more and more excited! We met at our team leaders house, he has been to Romania many, many times, so we got a lot of information from him on how to act, what to say, what NOT to say, etc. For instance, if you admire something of someone's, they will most likely give it to you, so be very careful when you tell someone you like their shirt, or they will take it off and give it to you! Also, don't eat everything on your plate unless you are very, very hungry because they will keep giving you more and more food. Also, hot water costs them around $4.00 per shower, so we might be taking some cold showers while we are there! Which could be interesting, since it's pretty cold there right now.

And then he told us to watch this video to prepare. I know we might not get a chance to visit an orphanage, they try to keep visitors out these days, but if we do get into one, it's good to be prepared. Although after watching this, not sure I could handle a visit to one like this.

So, it's just a few days away, I'm not packed, don't have all the stuff I need to pack yet either. But, I have plenty of time!! Not really, but if I put it off longer, I won't be so anxious to go maybe?

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