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Romania Day One

Romania Day Two

Romania Day Three

Well, Im here and freezing! And there are no apostrophes on this Romanian keyboard. We left the church Sunday morning at 930, drove to Houston, got on a plane to London, 10 hour flight, had breakfast at Gordon Ramseys Plane Food (it was the best eggs I had ever had!) Very expensive but tasty breakfast, caught our plane to Romania, slept the whole way, got in here about 430, took a very scary ride to the Campus Crusades for Christ office, met the people there, they served us dinner and we talked about our schedule for the time we are in Bucharest. We sang, prayed, talked, had a great time! Then we went to our host home, Ana Maria, and we fell in love!! Shawn and Amanda Bouldin and I are staying with Ana, and she is so much fun. We stayed up late talking and laughing and having a great time.

I slept great, no jet lag (or not TOO much!) and other than the wild dogs that fight ALL NIGHT LONG I have been very comfortable! We got up Tuesday and went to the Campus office again, had a family meeting with staff, like how to balance ministry and family. Then we walked to the subway and headed to the University of Economics and had a seminar there on business and entrepreneurship. The way to do things here, is to teach the seminar, without being overtly religious, but let a few things slip about God, then hang around after and answer questions. We have talked to some amazing young people these past few days!!

Then after that seminar, we headed to the mall and parted ways with our other companions, then headed back to Anas house, she made us a typical Romanian feast of (and I know this isnt spelled right, but Im trying to spell it out phonetically) Sau Mauli (cabbage rolls made with fermented cabbage, sauce, and polenta on top with sour cream) then Mama Liga (fried egg, feta cheese, butter, and polenta on top) and a pastry with creamy cheese, and then Romanian pancakes with her moms homemade strawberry jelly.

Then today we went back to University for a sales seminar taught by Shawn, and then we went to lunch at KFC, which was much better than USA KFC. Then we went to some stores, and went sight seeing. We saw some amazing stuff, the Peoples Building, which is the 2nd largest building in the world, next to the Pentagon, we went to the top of the Omni Hotel so we could see the whole city. We saw some markets, a lot of really old, nice buildings, some not so nice, and then ended up at La Mama, a famous Romanian restaurant where we had Zakouska which I will have to figure out how to make, its and eggplant and pepper spread. And I had Schnitzil, Meach, Mousaka, sheep cheese, (that is made inside tree bark and smoked for months) and many other types of food!!

Here is a video of a violin tuner we saw while we were touring:

Tomorrow we have a womens Bible study and then dorm ministry, and then a Bible Trek class (no idea yet!) and then after that, at 830 at night, we head to Cumpulung, which is supposed to be super cold! It was warm yesterday so today I didnČ› bring my coat, and today it was FREEZING!! So, Im not sure how I will survive much colder weather!! Anyway, having a great time, taking a ton of pictures, and have seen some amazing things. There is one guy here, a Pastor of a church, his name is Romeo, and something about him just touches my heart. Hes tried 10 times to get a church started here, he found out about ARC (an organization our church belongs to) and found Celebration Church online and had a million questions for us about the childrens church and all the logistics of every little detail of church, he was like a sponge. I just could have talked to him all day. Its really amazing, to see the difference here between Christians and non Christians. Most everyone here is so sad and gray. We laugh, and people look at us like were crazy.

Anyway, I hope to type more later, but this is it for now. Keep praying, were headed to the mountains to do the Bible camps and work with the kids and thats what Im super excited about!!

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