Saturday, October 2, 2010


We have joined a lot (LOT) of small groups this fall! I am loving every minute of all of them, even though I think we probably joined too many! But, how can you not love them when you get to do things this awesome?!

This sweet single mom in our church has recently had a lot of medical issues, so our Serve Team met at her house bright and early and got to work. I made the kids come too, I really want them to learn the importance of serving. She had some boards around the house that had rotted, and a lot of very overgrown plants and weeds. Some concrete pavers that were uneven and dangerous due to weeds, and some plastic pavers that were coming up in places, and the yard needed mowed and trimmed, trees needed pruning, etc.

So David and Riley mowed, there were guys on the roof taking down Christmas lights, one guy was working on the a/c and hot water heater, one guy replaced a lot of trim, and I even got to caulk! Regan helped me and the other ladies as we cut back plants, pulled weeds, took out the plastic trim and replaced it with real concrete trim, we took out some of the overgrown plants, moved stuff around, gave her a little area up front with a table and chairs to sit and have coffee in the mornings! But the real reason we served, the thing that makes me cry when I think about it, is her thank you e-mail to our team afterward. I am just so thankful that I could be a very small part in making someone feel the love of God in such a tangible way!

> I PRAISE GOD FOR "The bus being moved". I have thought so many times
> "Oh GOD I need to hear "MOVE THAT BUS" and see a wonderful
> blessing. Well Neal said "move that truck" for me to today. God's
> blessings are here and the bus has moved.
> I don't know how to PRAISE GOD ANY MORE. I will be at the Womens oil
> change again this year and won't have to run home and do a dialysis
> treatment at noon!!
> God through Celebration has blessed our family. I've been a
> member of the church for YEARS and never know just how much
> Celebration does for people. I praise God, for being a small part of
> such a wonderful family.
> I love u all!

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