Saturday, October 30, 2010

Village Ministry

Village Ministry

After the market, we went to the mall in Pitesti (pronounced Pitesht) and had lunch at KFC. It was a real live mall, looked just like Lakeline Mall! After lunch we went to another village along a long, bumpy road. This lady opens her home up to Estera every week who goes there and teaches the kids about Jesus. We had 43 kids crammed into her living room, plus us, it was a tight squeeze! Vio went over a song that they've been learning, and then Shawn shared some of his testimony with them, I taught the kids a song, and then we did a craft that we brought with us. Estera told us a lot of the kids can't go to school because they don't even have supplies, and this craft was a pencil, and the kids all loved it. Normally it would have been something younger kids would appreciate more, but all the kids, of all ages, really enjoyed the craft. The people who lived in the home were so nice and we met the neighbors and checked out their yard, very interesting. Very different. I had to use the facilities that were WAY in the back of the yard, and as far as outhouses go, there's was quite nice, even had a "padded" seat!

Then we drove to another place and had a youth Bible club at a church. It was another small room, with kids just jammed in where they could fit, standing room only. It was amazing! The guys shared their testimonies, and then Chad thought he would beat them all in some arm wrestling but I think he under estimated how much these kids work out in the fields with their parents, and he wasn't winning like he thought he would!

Then we had a long drive back to the camp, we didn't get home until after 10 or so, but we were all pumped about what a great day it was.

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