Thursday, October 28, 2010

Romania Day Four

Romania Day Four

We started off the morning with a "quick" breakfast at Anne's house, the best breakfast ever, she had made scrambled eggs with a chunk of feta cheese, fresh bread, sausages, and fresh sliced tomatoes. Man the food there was just so good, and fresh! Then we rode the fun bus again back to Campus Crusade to do a Beth Moore Bible study with the staff ladies. Amanda and I were asked to share our testimonies, so that was interesting, and then we talked about faith. Then we had a staff chapel service that was amazing. It was so nice to get to know each other better, and pray for each other. We had pizza delivered for lunch, which was good, but different. They have the sauce on the side and you just pour it on top, and it's more like ketchup. But it was really tasty! The pepperoni was more like spicy sausage.

Then Amalia, Anne and I headed to the dorms at the University to meet some people and pass out flyers for the night's Bible Trek class that Scott was teaching. CCFC puts out a magazine called "Fitzuica" and there's a spot in the back for people who want more information about becoming a Christian, so we were going to those people to see what kind of questions they had. It was an interesting afternoon. On our way to the dorms, we passed these girls that were barefoot (and it was cold that day) and dirty and digging in the trash. My heart just broke for them, but they were so happy. All I had to give them was gum, and they were smacking away and smiling and laughing at the crazy American. As I turned to leave, I told them "Bye Bye!" and they laughed and kept repeating, "Bye Bye" all the way down the street! They were so cute.

We met some neat girls at the dorms, talked to them (I listened really, since they were NOT speaking American) and invited them to the Bible Trek seminar. Then we headed back to the office. I spent some time chatting with David and the kids online, and then went to the seminar which was very interesting and very intellectual!

After the seminar, we loaded up our bags into a van, said a temporary good-bye to our new best friends, and headed 3 hours away to the town of Campulung. We got in after midnight, the roads were crazy, and we went straight to the camp where we would be staying for the next week.

We met Estera who is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. I could take days just writing about how awesome she is, and I probably will, but not yet. She and her husband Vio run a camp on the outskirts of Campulung. They have summer camp there for kids, but she also goes to the neighboring villages and does Bible Clubs and she goes to Orphanages, Kindergartens, area churches, and people's backyards and hosts Bible Clubs.

We brought Vio and Estera several suitcases full of supplies. They are so far from Bucharest that they don't get there very often to buy supplies, and even when they are, they don't have the stuff that we have (imagine a life without Ziplock bags!) and the stuff they can get is super expensive. She does so much with what little she has. It was so amazing to unpack suitcase after suitcase and present her with all the stuff we brought for her. We brought puppets and crafts and glue sticks (that one kindergarten TEACHER had never seen before) and pencils, and peanut butter, and just all kinds of goodness. We even had a digital camera and a laptop that were donated to her. We were all so happy we didn't go to bed until around 3am!

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