Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Break

Riley was out playing tackle football with the boys next door, who are 6 and 4. He loves playing with them, and they love to tackle him and play rough, just like Riley. They even have some of the same shirts as Riley, they just adore him. Well, the 4 year old, Tony, took Riley down hard, and he landed wrong, and he came inside that night with a swollen finger. David and I thought he had just jammed it, so we sent him to bed with an ice pack to see how it was in the morning. By then it was starting to turn blue/green, so we sent him to school and I was going to make a doctor's appointment as soon as their office opened. Well, the first appt available was around 11, but before then Riley calls and the school had told him that he needed to go to a doctor for his finger. Made me feel like a bad mom for sending him that morning.

But, I got him, took him to the doctor, 6 x-rays later, it's a fractured hand, at the base where the finger attaches to the hand, one of the bones is fractured. The really bad part...this is 5 days before the last big gymnastics meet that he's been practicing for for the last 10 months! And, the doctor said no trampoline, no skateboarding, and no gymnastics for 4-5 weeks. That's a long time for a boy like him! So we have to go see an orthopedic doc and get a splint on it, and hope it doesn't break more. It's gonna be a long month!

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