Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gymnastics Meet

There's a lot of videos, so I am only going to post the GOLD MEDAL WINNER! They put Riley in the higher age bracket this time, he was competing with the MUCH bigger boys, they are also the 2nd year boys, they took 1st-4th place in just about every event, but Riley beat them in Parallel Bars, and he did it with a broken hand! I'm so proud of him. I wasn't going to let him compete and risk injuring it more, but he's a true competitor, he got out there and knocked it out, and after over 10 months of practice, I didn't have the heart to make him sit out on the last meet of the year. So he got a gold medal in P-Bars and a bunch of ribbons for the rest, he got 5th-7th in everything else I think. If they had him in with the first years, he would have gotten a TON more medals, I was keeping up with those scores and he got some super great ones today. But, at the end of this video, there will be links to the other ones on YouTube if you want to watch them, the ones from this meet say "April" on the title.

And a few pictures from the day as well:

A handstand contest (he's in the middle in white):

And the Gold Medal routine:

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