Friday, April 17, 2009

Relay for Life

Regan's Girl Scout troop had a community service project at the Relay for Life. They got to pass out balloons to all the cancer survivors wearing purple shirts. They had a good time, even though the track/field was rained out and we were all crammed inside the Pflugerville High School gym and cafeteria. It was a crowded madhouse! But the girls enjoyed passing out the balloons, and we went to the rally where they had all the Survivors make a lap, and another lap with their caregivers, and release their balloons when they call out how many years since their diagnosis. It's always emotional for me, I was there thinking my mom could have been releasing her balloon on the 10 year mark right now. How I wish I had known more about organizations like these when my mom was battling breast cancer. But, I'm glad that Regan was there to help, and learn about all the ways we can help others.

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