Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Servolution Part 2

Riley and I went to Georgetown High School and honored the teachers. I really wanted Riley to go and serve and learn a little appreciation for all the hard work teachers do. We aren't in the Georgetown school district, but I wanted him to be a blessing to teachers, and learn to honor and respect them. I know as a typical 10 year old boy, he gives his teacher a fair share of headaches, I imagine. So it was nice to be able to provide lunch and just be a blessing. Riley was great, he brought around plates of bread, cookies and a pitcher of lemonade for refills, he took their plates as soon as they were finished eating, and helped fill cups of lemonade, and helped me carry a ton of stuff in from the truck. He was a blessing to have as my helper!

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~kristi said...

Yeah Riley! I am so glad you made it. I wish I could have seen him serve!