Sunday, December 9, 2012

Austin Animal Center

Our Girl Scout troop has been working hard on earning their very first Journey! They have worked on this for months. They chose an animal shelter and several of the girls talked to their school principals about putting out donation boxes at their schools. And then they used some of their fall product money to buy material and made blankets for the cats and dogs. Today we got to go on a tour of the new Austin Animal Center, and bring them all of our donations. They were very happy to receive them, especially since a big cold front is coming tonight, and they said all the blankets would be put to use immediately!

They had a volunteer take us on a tour and show us all the pet areas, they have really nice indoor and outdoor areas and it's all very "green" with solar energy, native dog-friendly landscaping, and lots of nice kennel areas.

The hard part was leaving empty handed. They had too many cute animals and it was so hard to see those cute little faces and keep on walking. But, if you are ever in the market for a pet, that's a great place to get one.

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