Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rockin' Lights

There is no church on Wednesday nights for the rest of the year and we are so used to being out on Wednesdays, so we took the kids to start, hopefully, a new family tradition! We started off at Star Coffee, a local Round Rock cafe, got everyone a hot chocolate, and then drove to the new Rockin' Lights display. It's $15 per car, but I think it was worth it. They had some really cute lights, and at the end was this tunnel that you drive through and it makes you feel like you're going through a black hole, the kids called it a "worm hole".

At the end of the trail is a little carnival in the parking lot of the Dell Diamond, and it was more for smaller kids, but you get a free ride when you pay for the trail, so the kids rode the spinning strawberries, and slid down the big slippery slide. It was cold, so it actually felt like Christmas! It's hard to get into the spirit of things when you're sweating in shorts! It was fun, and the kids really enjoyed it!

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