Monday, December 17, 2012

Jingle Does Yoga (with some help from his new friends)

Every year we have a White Elephant party at a friend's house. It has become quite fun and very competitive! It's always a blast to see what kind of goodies people think up to bring, and what will be the gift everyone fights to get, and even better, the one that people fight to get rid of!

This year wasn't TOO bad, but the kids were with us, and they wanted to help us pick our gifts. So Regan picked for David and they got a box with a cute little toy bathtub full of Halloween candy! Candy corn even and those are her favorites!

But, she wasn't really prepared for the true spirit of a White Elephant party when another little girl stole her box of candy. The look on her face was priceless! But she got to pick again, and even though we warned her to stay away from the "biggest box" trap, she did it again, and ended up with these adorably funky gold Yoga Frogs. I have no words to describe these things. They are hilarious. What's even more funny will be the look on someones face when they open them at next years White Elephant party. Yes, I think that the Yoga Frogs will be the gift that keeps on giving...

Then it was time for me to pick, and Riley used my pick to steal a tool set that he had his eye on. Papa gave him a tool box for them too, so now he's set with his own little tool kit! He was very excited. It was a fun party, and even more fun was this morning when we found out Jingle must have needed some loosening up too...

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