Friday, December 21, 2012

Family Fun Day in San Antonio

San Antonio

I never realized how hard it would be to find Navy pants! And not just navy pants, but US Navy issue sailor pants. Fancy ones. Ones that go with the dress blue uniform. We've been all over, from Ft. Hood, Austin, and now, San Antonio, to find these pants. They are online for around 200 bucks, but  we were told we could find them at a military exchange in San Antonio for around 50. So we thought we would make a day trip of it, and take the kids to San Antonio, to celebrate the end of the world, right?!

So we started off at Juan in a Million, one of our favorite breakfast places. Riley and David had a side bet going that Riley could finish ONE breakfast taco! He was so close, about two bites away, when he got up to look at something and the waitress took his plate away! He was so bummed. But, he even said that was the most food he has ever eaten in his whole life.

Then we stopped at Cabela's. We're looking at guns, and man, they are sold out all over! The kids love Cabela's and we looked at all the animals and fed the fish and took pictures. Then we headed back on the road to San Antonio. The only information I had was Ft. Sam Houston, and the GPS took us to this huge cemetery which was very moving to see, but not the right place. We finally found the right place, drove around to find the store we needed, then spent some time looking for all the gear Riley still needed.

Then we surprised the kids with an early Christmas present, season passes to Six Flags! They were shocked and it was so cute to hear them as we tried to convince them we had just taken a wrong turn. It was nice, not crowded, not hot, we rode the big rides they wanted to ride, got hot chocolate and a funnel cake, and left early so we weren't getting home too late. Stopped at a really weird Rudy's because it was the only thing we could find open and then stopped at the new Buccee's that has the "world's cleanest bathrooms"! That place was huge and has everything. It was really nice.

Then home, around 10pm, so it wasn't a totally exhausting day, but I was glad we still had a Saturday to relax.

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