Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Domain

The Domain

Regan wrote a letter to Santa at school, so I told her we would take it to Macy's to mail it in the big red mailbox. She was very excited about it! So we took the kids to The Domain, and mailed her letter. At the last minute, Riley said he wanted to write a letter to Santa too, and he asked for a laptop and a hot girlfriend. Ha, good luck.

Then we walked around the new store, H&M, and looked at trendy clothes. Riley had fun trying on different things, he looked so cute and preppy! We found this teal sports coat and he said, "This looks like something Grandpa Don would wear!"  I did find a cute scarf, and told David to buy it for me for Christmas! Gotta be direct to get anything around here.

Then we went to The Steeping Room and had tea. It was a fun evening, we all love hanging out at The Domain!

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