Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Break!

This is the teacher gifts we made this year. It's a cute bag with a bag of microwave popcorn inside, and a box of candy, and a note with a free Redbox movie rental code. I thought it was a cute idea that a friend of mine did, so I stole the idea! Apparently it was a hit, as Riley got this sweet thank you note from one of his teachers. He also got a really nice note about being a great example for the entire 8th grade! I'm so proud of him. Regan is at a neighbor's house making Christmas cookies, David and Riley are about to go get a father/son head shave for boot camp! And I have been working on my holiday baking list. Still have a few things to get for boot camp, but have to go to San Antonio for those. But can I just say, I am so excited that it's Christmas break! I love Christmas, I love break, I love being with my kids, and I'm going to miss Riley SO much while he's gone!

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