Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day '12

We had a very low key, easy Christmas day! The kids tried to wake us up around 5am, but then crawled in bed with us and went back to sleep until about 8. We rebelled and stayed in bed until about 9am and then they just couldn't take it anymore so we thought we would go ahead and put them out of their misery!

They started with their Santa gifts. Riley got a 22 rifle (that's all I know about it!) and Regan got a horse for her new doll. Then she wanted David and I to open the presents she bought for us at her school fair. She has been wanting us to open them since the day she bought them! She did good, mine was a cute little snow globe with a penguin inside. She got David a little pen and notepad. She told him it was the only thing for a boy in her price range! That girl is too sweet!

Riley got some Navy gear, a new Xbox Live year long membership, a day of paintball (with a friend) a new battery for his phone, and a game. Regan got mostly stuff for her doll, a bed, horse, pony, dog, and a riding outfit, and a new book that she's been wanting.

Then the kids went to play, and I finished up some baking for the neighbors. And then did a million loads of laundry and spent the rest of the day packing Riley for boot camp. I can't believe he leaves tomorrow. I can't think about it, or I will cry!

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