Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gingerbread House

It has become our yearly family tradition! The kids gripe about it until we get there and then they have a great time decorating their own Gingerbread House. We go to a church of one of our Girl Scouts, and most of our troop is there, so it's a fun time with friends also. They provide the house, the icing, and dinner and our troop pays for it! But this time, we skipped the dinner and just decorated our house and then went to dinner with Mimi and Papa instead (and I didn't mind, it's usually hot dogs and chili, and we went to one of my favorites, Magnolia!) So we split the house down the middle, Riley gets one side and the front, Regan gets one side and the back, and they go to town. They weren't as enthusiastic this year about covering every square inch of Gingerbread like they have in some years. But, it turned out cute and they had fun.

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