Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Awards Ceremony

Today was Regan's award ceremony. She got an award for A/B Honor Roll for the whole year! So proud of that girl for overcoming her challenges to excel this year! She passed her reading and writing STAAR with flying colors, but did not pass the math STAAR by 2 questions! So, that means she will have some extra help next year since it will be critical for her to pass to move on to the next grade. BUT, all of the math questions were word problems, and she wasn't given accommodations for math, only reading and writing. So I think she did pretty great.

Here she is with her award, and her teacher, Mrs. Templeton.

And Elise was so tired after the award ceremony, but she had a great nap! She's standing great in her crib, we had to lower the mattress a level already!

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