Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trip to the ER

Well, since Elise doesn't have Medicaid still, until we go to court next time (hopefully she will be able to get it then) CPS told us anything that she needs medically, needs to be done at Dell Children's and they can back date her Medicaid. So, when she had a rash that got out of control, that meant a trip to the ER. When I was there with Regan just a few weeks ago, they told me their waits can get up to 8 hours long! So I was not looking forward to spending an entire day in the ER. So, after Elise's nap, I packed her bag with PJ's, extra toys and bottles, and headed on down. I prayed on the way, "God, I would LOVE to be in and out of here in under 3 hours. Well, under 2 hours. Under 1 would be great but probably unrealistic, so 2 hours maybe?" And, God heard my prayer, we were in and out in less than an hour and a half! (I should have stuck with 1 hour!)

Anyway, Elise has got to be the happiest baby to ever be in the emergency room, she was all smile's and just adorable in her little hospital gown. They knew right away what it was. We thought she was getting bug bites or something, and she ran a fever the other day, but only for a day, so I wasn't sure what was going on. But she has Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, and her diaper rash turned into Impetigo, basically a skin infection. So, we got prescriptions for oral and topical antibiotics, and we were out of there!

She's doing better, but still not eating, she has sores all inside her mouth, poor thing. She doesn't like the taste of her medicine, so I am having to figure out creative ways to get it down the hatch. But, I'm glad she's going to be feeling better, and that we know what this is. The doctor had told me it was a yeast infection previously, so we've been trying everything diet-wise to figure it out, and just nothing seemed to work. Glad we know now and it's on the way out!

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