Saturday, May 11, 2013

Diva Day!

The girls have been working on this day for months! Literally, months. We started planning this last summer. Girl Scout Juniors can earn their Bronze Award, and then as Cadettes they can earn their Silver Award, and then as Seniors they earn their Gold Award, which is equal to a Boy Scout earning his Eagle Scout award. It's kind of a big deal! So, we have been working on this for a long time.

The girls decided for their Bronze Award, to host a mother/daughter event for our Service Unit. We planned, we shopped, we coordinated, we collected, we advertised, we made lists, we did all kinds of things! Finally, the big day arrived.

Our theme was "Diva Day" a mother/daughter spa day, the day before Mother's Day. We had 7 stations, with 2 girls working at each station (and 2 moms) and we rotated every 20 minutes. Regan and her partner, Kendall, had the "Diva Salon" where we had chair and foot massagers set up, and feathers for their hair, and colored hair spray. The girls would alternate being the hair sprayer, and I was in charge of putting the feathers in since it required pliers, and people didn't want a 10 year old coming at their scalp with a pair of pliers!

Other booths we had were "Diva Nails" where there was a hand wax treatment and nail polish. "Diva Photo Booth" where we had a ton of props, fake mustaches, feather boas, hats, sunglasses, tiaras, etc. and everyone could get their picture taken with their moms and friends (that was a HUGE hit!) And we had a treat booth where everyone got ice cream with their favorite Girl Scout cookie topping!

I think the girls favorite part of the day was Mr. Dewey, he worked for the church that let us use their facilities to host the event, and he was there helping us out if we needed anything, and the girls talked him into letting them spray color in his hair, and paint his nails, and get their picture taken with him! He was a very sweet man, and such a good sport!

It was a long, exhausting day, but the girls had a blast, we got awesome feedback from everyone, and they did a great job earning their Bronze Award! Next up, Silver!!

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