Monday, May 20, 2013

Build A Bear End of Year Girl Scout Party

Build A Bear keeps coming out with super cute Girl Scout bears, and our leader bought them all for the girls, so we had our end of year party at Build A Bear again! Probably not too many more years for our girls to be into Teddy Bears, so I'll take it! The bears are "Thin Mint" bears that had mint green ears, and even come with a scent of mint that you can put in your bear so it smells minty! They have a cute "Thin Mint" outfit too. So we all met at the mall for an early dinner, then headed down to build our bears, and then back to the food court for Thin Mint ice cream and passing out patches and cookie prizes. I had Elise with me, so she was a handful. But, she got to build her very first Teddy Bear, and she loved it! She would grab a hold of it and just hug it tight and lay over on it to smush him up. It was so cute. She got to stuff it, and then I took her over where there is a pretend bath tub with air jets coming out so you can "fluff" your bear and that freaked her out some. But, she loves her bear, she's been sleeping with him every night. We named him "Snowball".

So that was the end of our very busy, something every night Girl Scout week!

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