Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, we didn't do too much for Memorial Day. Riley had his friend Yosh spend the night, and Regan spent the night with a friend, and we were home with Elise who is still contagious so not going out anywhere. David smoked a brisket and we just hung out at home. Working on crawling and standing with Elise. She's getting better at crawling, not quite there yet, but she has one leg that just won't cooperate! She has been on her hands and knees and her elbows give out and she konks her head! But she just keeps on going, she's a tough old bird!!  So here's a video of her crawling (with a photobomb by Princess), or trying to crawl, to Riley, and of course, a picture of the yummy brisket!

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