Friday, May 31, 2013

Chuck E Cheese

David took Riley to drill weekend, so I took Regan shopping for some jeans for camp this summer, and then took her and Elise to Chuck E Cheese. I don't know why, except it's been a long time since we had been there and I forgot how mind numbing it could be. But, the girls enjoyed it, and Elise had a blast, so I guess it was worth it (maybe).

Elise got to ride on the rides, and at first, she wasn't too sure about it, especially the one where you ride with a big plastic Chuck E, but then she didn't want me to get her off of it! When Chuck E came out and walked around, I thought she was having a seizure she was shaking so bad, but then she was trying to go to him, so we sat at a nearby table while he did a birthday party and she "talked" to Chuck E the whole time, it was so cute! She really did NOT want to leave, but it was way past her bed time! She has finally been sleeping through the night, yay me!

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