Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Update

Well, we had a busy weekend! On Friday I had to get everything together for Regan's Girl Scout bridging/camping trip. She's bridging to Cadette now! I'm so proud of her for being so involved in Girl Scouts. I think they are such a great organization and she is learning so much. We found out today, the girls might get a Senate Resolution drafted to acknowledge their Bronze Award! How cool is that?!

Anyway, got her ready for camp, had to take Riley to what might be (we are praying) his new high school next year. He is supposed to go to Pflugerville, and we want him to go to Hendrickson. They have an award winning JROTC program, and if he sticks with it, he can get into the Naval Academy without a letter of recommendation from a Senator (but I know we can get that too). So, I took him up to the school to turn in paperwork to do a JROTC summer camp, and the guy in charge (I can't remember if he was a Sgt., Lt, or what. All those initials confuse me) anyway, he wanted to give us a tour of the ROTC wing of the school and show us everything. He was very nice and said if we needed any help with any of the transfer paperwork, he would do whatever he could to help us out! This is a HUGE answer to prayer because we have been praying for Riley to be able to go to Hendrickson for a long time now, and we've been told at every step of the way that there was just NO WAY it was going to happen. They are a closed campus and not taking any transfers. Well, they just so happened to hire another ROTC instructor and that made an opening for more students! Thank God for our answer to prayer!!

So, after our tour (and me freaking out about how big this school is, 1/4 mile from one end to the other, and how big the kids are that go there, and that my baby bird will be going to HIGH SCHOOL next year) I had to rush home and get Regan to her GS leader's house to head off on her trip.  Then Riley had to meet one of his friends that is about to go to the Naval Academy for movie night, and David and I decided to drop in on Danny and Shari D. for a while. Hadn't seen them in forever so it was nice to catch up and see them!

Then on Saturday morning, the boys volunteered at our church's annual Single Mom's and Military Wives Oil Change. I am usually there to help with the kids but I figured I would just stay home this time and deal with my own! But they were there most of the day and I think they said over 300 mom's came out! They got their oil changed, hair and nails, waxing, free childcare, massages, etc. I love this event, and hated missing it this year. But David has served at all of them! Proud of my man!!

Then after the boys came home and rested some, David and I took Little Bit to the pool for the first time. I wanted to see her swim so bad! I had gotten her the cutest little bathing suit and floaty, and David really didn't want to swim, but I knew I couldn't handle it all by myself, so he got his bathing suit on and came with us! And guess what, she LOVED it! It was so cute. She got in her little bee floaty and sat there for a bit, chewing on the bee antenna, but once she realized she was sitting in water, she started splashing around like crazy. David would swim around her and come up and it would freak her out how he was doing that. It was cute. Then we headed home to get her ready for bed cause all that swimming tired her out!

On Sunday, she looked so cute for church. She got a little upset after a while, she's really having some separation anxiety lately, not wanting to be far from me at all. But she got to ride in the big 6-seater stroller and get pushed around the halls, so she really liked that! I was on the schedule to do check in for the 2nd service so we were there a little longer than normal. Then I took Riley to the brand new opened Torchy's Tacos (one of my favorite taco places, and they just opened in Round Rock!) and then had to rush to get Regan from her camping trip. She said it was fun, but they didn't get to swim afterall so she was pretty upset about that.

Then, I bought a sewing machine and had to go pick that up, and came home to try to take a nap with Elise, but it was a very short lived nap. She was up a lot the night before with a stuffy nose, so we were all pretty tired and cranky.   Well, that was more like a novel, but it was a long, busy weekend. And now that school is almost out, we will probably be getting more and more busy! I will be glad to be able to sleep in though. I really miss sleep.

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